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Top View of Kids Playing
"From Little Acorns
Mighty Oaks Grow!"

Henry Ford


At Mighty Oaks Academy we encourage our "seedlings" to explore the world around them using all of their 5 senses, building new and exciting friendships as they grow!


Our "sprouts" are exploring an awareness of others and learning to interact as they develop their social skills.  A sense of independence begins to blossom as they navigate and become able to make connections to their environment. 


 "Saplings" are true inquirers.  Children at this age love to take pride in their learning, but they are also eager to take on any challenges that pop up! We will foster these traits daily with their learning, always being ready follow their lead.


Through play-based learning our "acorns" continue their work towards independence in their learning and abilities.  They dive into more intense physical, social, emotional and cognitive learning while focusing on child-lead discoveries.  


Our Oaks will find a balance of planned hands on activities with free time to spend with friends both indoors and outdoors.  We will encourage a sense of community with all and work together towards common goals set out by the group.

Our Approach

We recognize that the child is an individual, as well as a member of a larger unit, his/her family.  We believe parents are children’s first and most influential teachers.  Strong, viable parent/teacher relationships promote effective communication and participation. Our staff work closely with parents for the benefit of the child and includes families in the curriculum and special events.  At the Academy, we welcome and encourage parent participation in all aspects of our program.  From sharing important family and cultural information with us, to dropping in to read to your child’s class, your support is greatly appreciated.  Children learn best when parents are involved and engaged in their educational program.   The main bridge between home and centre is the involvement of family and community.

As a community based program we commit to utilizing the members and facilities within our community. Through off-site visits, welcoming community members in to speak, and sharing their talents and interests with both the children and staff we feel confident we will be enriching the lives of all involved.


What Parents Think

These two ladies are the true example of what great Early Childhood Educators should look like. It’s a difficult job and one that not many people can do. These two women do it effortlessly and wonderfully.

Any child and parent would be truly blessed to be under the care of either of these women.

Thank you,


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